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1993-2014 Selection of Works

Infinity Series 2005 - 2015

Returning to explore the myriad possibilites of our place in the universe, Infinity takes on the perspective of being on the edge of time. 


The first explorations of these started in the 90's using the Hubble telescope data images as they arrived from space. This led to research into astronomy and questions of space, memory and energy imprints.



Where are We 1993-2003


Early on in her artistic career Kubisa persued the question of existence through extensive scientific research in both quantum and Newtonian approaches. These works reflect on the vastness of space and reflect back to you the insignificance of us.


The 'Black Hole' and 'Other Side of the Black Hole' (1998) were painted when black holes were portrayed in society as fearful and impossible. It is these impossibilites or possibilities that this series of works embraces. 



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