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Moment of Physicality


Rose petals were one of 32 samples analysed from the artist's forensic investigation 'My Sitting Room' 2002. The 32 samples were collected from objects that were in her sitting room. These were analysed under a confocal laser microscope. The sample 'Kept Rose Petals' microscopic analysis was the subject matter for 'Moment of Physicality'. Kubisa located the rose bush from which the petals originated and a rose was collected while in bloom and set as a still life. Alongside this were the images from the microscope depicting the cellular aspects of the rose, together with imagined molecular and atomic states of vibration. All these aspects are required for the rose to become visible and create the moment of physicality. 

‘Rose - Moment of Physicality’


Oil on canvas

152 x 112 cm

Private collection New York

‘Pull of the Rose’


Oil on canvas

112 x 81cm

Private Collection 

2001-2008 Selection of 

Neuroscience Works




Leverhulme Trust Award 2001-2

Collaborative neuroscience research: memory and where and how it is stored in the brain with emphasis on dendritic chemical release. Resident in the School of Biological Sciences, Southampton University.


Paintings emerged not only from images of cells from the confocal laser microscope, but also from immersive drawings that responded to the infinite possibilities of this complex function of neurons, synapses, dendrites and the chemicals released to 10,000 other neurons in order for the brain to relay messages.


Memory and where it is stored is a question present in the Cosmology series and which continues to reoccur in more recent works.

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