Since 1992, British artist Seran Kubisa has been exhibiting in group and solo exhibitions; producing original and innovative work in the medium of painting, installations, light and film. 


She has collaborated with other art forms and science to produce new and original works. Collectors of international art have bought her paintings and hung them next to artists Gerhard Richter, Howard Hodgkin and Gillian Ayres amongst others. The paintings are in public and private collections including Coutts Bank London with larger works collected in the U.K and New York, U.S.A.


Kubisa’s artistic achievements and awards include the Arts Council and SEEDA award and innovation prize for the public arts project ‘Treasure Island; A Forensic Investigation of a City’. This ambitious city-wide forensic investigation utilizes science technology to produce artworks raising issues of identity, heritage and place. Collected fragments are scientifically analysed to create artworks. The investigations have inspired the film ‘Recall', large scale projections and installations. Coutts Bank in London commissioned an investigation and artworks for the directors’ offices including large-scale projections onto the bank's architecture with Princess Anne in attendance. 'Mystères des Mémoires’ an installation in a cave was a response to the latest investigation in the Mid-Pyrenees, France - a winning laureate commission.


Kubisa’s practise is based in the U.K. and France. 



A selection of exhibitions 2002 - 2014 

Solo Exhibition, 53 Gallery, Knightsbridge London, 2008

Recall Film Architectural Projections, Interior Portsmouth Cathedral, 2011

'Mystères des Mémoires’, Cave Installation, Carla Bayle, France, 2010

'Treasure Island' Solo exhibition and installations. Architectural projections, 2008

Nominated public vote for best exhibition in Southern England UK. Winner of the Arts Council Award for Innovation.

'Dark Matters' first of 'Self' explorations

As It Is, Artspace exhibition, Cork Street, London, 2006

Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth, 2002   

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