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Colour Field 

Colour field paintings on paper. Pattern exploration within self, other and cosmic connections

A lasting colour impact was the encounter with Rothko's paintings in the Rothko room in Tate Britain aged 3, when the curtain was pulled back to enter into a dark space to reveal the

red and maroon paintings. 


This colour impact has pushed Kubisa's own

colour explorations and understanding of 

colour physiology and psychology.


The colour field studies are a continuous part of this exploration and experimentation with colour..


Colour is explored to develop sensations, pull, movement and utilise the psychology of colour to arouse emotion to tap the subconscious.


The colour field studies considered colour detail is added on near completion. References are made to a cosmology viewpoint referencing her former work with 

astronomy and neuroscience feeding notions

of space, energy waves and the other sensations and metaphysical understandings.

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