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Follow the link on the image for more information. Fill in a contact form to purchase, stating title and details of the artwork. If buying more than one or a collection of works, contact for a discount. Payment methods will be emailed to you.

Award winning artist Seran Kubisa’s work has been informed by memory in science, personal, global and cosmological. All the time pursuing the myriad of realities that are never certain whilst unpicking engrained societal attitudes and patterns. The work oscillates between the visually recognisable and the contemplations of all that can be felt between. In the process Kubisa redefines the boundaries between abstraction and recognition. Sinuous, sensual, and sometimes dark, Kubisa’s work brings us nearer to a seductively complex vision where patterns in nature and behaviour are contemplated and opened to be recognised in our psyche.

Surpassing Kubisa's innovative practice and constantly evolving processes is an innate and masterful use of colour. Paint takes you into unique colour fields where colour impacts, leads and is seething yet subtle and clever. Each colour field work creates its own dialogue with you immediately and over time. 

Works on paper, original photographs, drawings, collage and icon paintings. 



Art UK

Coutts & Co Banking, London  

Bryan Capsticks, London (Richter, Ayres, Hodgin, Irvin, Frost) 

Mischon de Reya London 

Pointsource - Laser Technology 

Umberto Giannini  

Healing Arts 

Hampshire County Arts Office Winchester and Brussels, MEP’s Offices 

Creasey Collection 

Private: U.S.A, UK, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Holland, Cyprus, Australia, Singapore 

Colour field paintings on paper. Pattern exploration within self and universe context

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